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This week 4th Classes learnt about gravity. The children completed an exciting investigation; by dropping two objects of a different mass and size from a high spot we watched to see which would hit the ground first. We discovered that as long as there is no air resistance stopping or slowing something down, everything falls […]

Giant bandicoot visits 2nd Class!

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Second Class enjoyed a great Incursion and learning experience on Thursday. Hilary and Tim from the Coastal Environment Centre came along to school for a half day incursion. The children’s activities enhanced the Science unit Living Things and Change. So much new learning on the features of Living Things and their habitat and environment. The […]

Half way through the Term already!

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We can’t believe that we are already halfway through Term 3! The children have been working so hard and are making fabulous progress. English – This week we have been researching the life and accomplishments of William Shakespeare. We will use this information to write our own biography next week.   Maths – We have continued with our unit […]

Year 3 write their own biographies

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We have been busy learning here in 3rd Class. The children are focused and learning well. They are all making excellent progress. What have we been up to this week?   English – This week the children read a biography of choice from the Big Dreams Little People series. They used the information from these to write […]

Diving back in to Shakespeare

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4th Class are having lots of fun diving back into Shakespeare rehearsals. As part of homework each night, all students have been reminded to learn their lines as soon as possible. We have limited time each week with Miss Emanuel and rehearsals are interrupted when students are carrying scripts around instead of props. Everyone is […]

Update from 2nd Class (Year 2)

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In Maths this past week, 2nd Class explored multi-digit addition and subtraction, trading (regrouping or borrowing). This requires a good understanding of place value. I was delighted to see the children embrace this with a sense of challenge and enthusiasm. Addition proved interesting and all managed it well, after some practice. Our next challenge was […]

Negative numbers

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6th Class are considering negative numbers in Maths.  We asked “How can there be a number less than zero, if zero is equal to nothing?” Is there a quantity less than zero? How can we have less than nothing at all! What a conundrum to debate! We turned to real life problems to answer the […]

3rd class develop Geo skills

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Third class are learning mapping skills and using grid references to locate places. They are also learning how to use an atlas and an to locate the grid references of key natural features in Australia.

Exploring Shapes in Maths and Space in Science

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In Maths this week, 3S were learning to identify and describe the features of a range of 2D shapes using correct classifications such as whether the shapes are polygons, quadrilaterals, parallelograms and so on. On geoboards they made a variety of regular and irregular 2D shapes including isosceles, scalene and equilateral triangles. Exploring Space in […]

Talking about COVID-19 in Health

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This week in Health in 3B we discussed Covid-19. What it is, why we are taking precautions and how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. We did an experiment to show how soap effects germs. We put ground pepper (representing the germs) into a bowl of water. A student stuck their finger in and […]