3rd class develop Geo skills

Third class are learning mapping skills and using grid references to locate places. They are also learning how to use an atlas and an to locate the grid references of key natural features in Australia.

Exploring Shapes in Maths and Space in Science

maths at john colet

In Maths this week, 3S were learning to identify and describe the features of a range of 2D shapes using correct classifications such as whether the shapes are polygons, quadrilaterals, parallelograms and so on. On geoboards they made a variety of regular and irregular 2D shapes including isosceles, scalene and equilateral triangles. Exploring Space in […]

Talking about COVID-19 in Health

This week in Health in 3B we discussed Covid-19. What it is, why we are taking precautions and how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. We did an experiment to show how soap effects germs. We put ground pepper (representing the germs) into a bowl of water. A student stuck their finger in and […]

Making sense of Mass

Mass was the Maths topic for the week in 2nd Class the children created a Language of Mass word bank and worked practically using balance scales to discover what Mass can tell us.  In Health, the topic  is Protecting Me   – the children have been exploring what to do to keep themselves safe  – […]

The week that was in 4th class

In Maths class we have been reviewing multi-step multiplication word problems and taking part in multiplication Boot Camp. We have quite a few Specialists, Corporals, Sergeants, Staff Sergeants and Lieutenants already, and I m sure we will see some students promoted to Captain, Major, Colonel and 4-star General over the coming week!  In History, we […]

Making maths interesting

Last week Second Class began to explore measuring length using formal units of measure, centimetres and metres. They began by comparing lengths then finding objects to measure.  This week they have been creating ‘arrays’ using counters to develop a deeper understanding of multiplication. They then went on a ‘Gallery Walk’ to view and record each […]

Mastering those tricky timepieces!

3rd Class has been learning about time this week. Students were given the challenge to match the time phrase with an analogue and digital clock face. This wasn t an easy task but the children showed excellent collaboration and problem solving to match them up. Ms BellTeacher

Grok rocks!

6th Class are into Grok Learning! The new Technology curriculum requires all students from Years 3-8 to learn coding. Grok Learning guides the children to develop practical computational thinking skills. Each week, there are problems to solve with online solutions and step by step walkthroughs for each task. If you would like to have a […]

Maths, plusses and minuses

In classrooms in recent weeks, our many different Maths lessons have been exploring the world of numbers. Second classes explored addition and subtraction using dice to double and then add of take away numbers.  Everyone ejoyed this ‘pair and share’ work together. More work with number lines and lots of strategies were developed for completing […]

We all make mistakes

We all make mistakes, even the teacher!  I have told the children in 2C this week that our greatest learning comes when we are actually challenged, making mistakes and facing them in order to move to the next level of learning.  In educational terms, this is where we ‘modify our thinking or schema to a […]