The Reptile Park – a group recount by 2CC

On Friday 20th of October, Year 2 went on a bus to the Australian Reptile Park at Somersby on the Central Coast. We went there to learn about living things such as crocodiles, alligators, snakes, pythons, frogs, echidnas, quokkas, wombats, dingoes, koalas, Tasmanian devils, cassowaries, bats, spiders, lizards, Komodo dragons, parrots, wallabies, turtles and tortoises. […]

Lunch with the stars

On Tuesday eight avid writers and readers from 6th Class, decked in shining accessories and various costumes from their favourite books, along with librarian Miss Bower, pulled up on the coach at the Dee Why RSL for Lunch with the Stars. Lunch with the Stars is a Children’s Book Council of Australia run program which […]

Strong finish to the end of IPSHA debating season

JCS hosted Oxford Falls Grammar School for IPSHA Debating today¬† – the topic was That we should ban school assemblies. Oxford Fall’s negative team narrowly won the first debate, with the adjudicator saying they had made the points that assemblies unified the community and were a more powerful way of getting out information to students. […]

Town Hall meeting

In English this week 4th Class read in Storm Boy about how the hunters and the tourists were treating the bird sanctuary poorly by destroying birds’ nests and shooting the birds. The children were placed in one of five groups: hunters, tourists, rangers, local people (Storm Boy) and the Ngarrindjeri people. Each group had to […]

Into the IPSHA debating season

On Friday last week we hosted a debate against Newington College. The topic for the debate was that ‘staying in the shade is better than using sunscreen in the sun’. We won both debates and the adjudicator commented on the interesting and unique points raised in both our Negative and Affirmative debates. As feedback, she […]