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Free Writing books for 2C

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This week the children finished covering their Free Writing Books and began using them. The idea is that they may write any genre they choose and find support materials in the class ‘Free Writing Area’ to do this. Their work will not be marked. The children will not be bound by concerns about spelling and […]

Increasing maturity as readers

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In English, this past week, 6N looked at how the title and cover of our class text, and our predictions about it, relate and connect to other books, to our personal lives and to society at large. The children offered insightful comments about familiar and memorable stories, experiences they have lived and ‘big ideas’ or […]

Year 3 write their own biographies

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We have been busy learning here in 3rd Class. The children are focused and learning well. They are all making excellent progress. What have we been up to this week?   English – This week the children read a biography of choice from the Big Dreams Little People series. They used the information from these to write […]

Diving back in to Shakespeare

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4th Class are having lots of fun diving back into Shakespeare rehearsals. As part of homework each night, all students have been reminded to learn their lines as soon as possible. We have limited time each week with Miss Emanuel and rehearsals are interrupted when students are carrying scripts around instead of props. Everyone is […]

Update from 2nd Class (Year 2)

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In Maths this past week, 2nd Class explored multi-digit addition and subtraction, trading (regrouping or borrowing). This requires a good understanding of place value. I was delighted to see the children embrace this with a sense of challenge and enthusiasm. Addition proved interesting and all managed it well, after some practice. Our next challenge was […]

The week that was in Second Class

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2C enjoy exploring addition and subtraction and working on problems using dice, blocks, counters and revising our number facts to ten, twenty and up to the hundreds. In Writing we are developing our understanding of persuasive writing:  a point of view, arguments and reasons for those arguments. We considered the arguments for ‘A Dog is […]

6T e-meet Jacquie French and perfect their twangs!

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6T are honing their writing skills after an online writing festival featuring the very famous Australian author, Jackie French. Now they know more about  enhancing their writing by ‘showing not telling’.  And they learned how using our sense of taste, hearing and smell gets the reader to imagine all kinds of events! Dominic’s suggestion  – […]

Debating in-house for now

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This week 6th class had a presenter from Masters Academy introduce the children to the world of debating, particularly the fine art of rebuttal.   There were lots of lively discussions, snap debates and discussions about what can and can’t be done. Unfortunately due to COVID – 19, the IPSHA Debating Competition has been postponed […]

The week that was in 4th class

In Maths class we have been reviewing multi-step multiplication word problems and taking part in multiplication Boot Camp. We have quite a few Specialists, Corporals, Sergeants, Staff Sergeants and Lieutenants already, and I m sure we will see some students promoted to Captain, Major, Colonel and 4-star General over the coming week!  In History, we […]

Celebrating with pancakes

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Shrove Tuesday was celebrated by 2nd Class this week, as part of their unit of HSIE work on “Celebrations”.  It was a fun and challenging way for children to follow a procedure (the recipe) and learn how to measure and mix wet and dry ingredients, and crack an egg! Then they cooked the pancakes using […]