We all make mistakes

We all make mistakes, even the teacher!  I have told the children in 2C this week that our greatest learning comes when we are actually challenged, making mistakes and facing them in order to move to the next level of learning.  In educational terms, this is where we ‘modify our thinking or schema to a […]

Why do we need a government?

In 6T this week, we considered three questions in our History lessons: What is the role of government?Why do we need a government?What is government? We explored our thoughts using the visible thinking routine “Chalk Talk”.  There were some great thought-provoking questions and detailed answers.  Using thinking routines makes the children’s thinking ‘rich’.  It encourages […]

Debating ‘how to’ for 6th Class

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World class debater Seamus Dove shared his passion and enthusiasm for debating with 6th class this week, giving an excellent insight into how debates are prepared and the role of each member of the team.

Thinking about Multiculturalism

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Both 2nd classes, 2M and 2C, explored the concept of multicultural as part of our History unit this week.  They created role plays to solve the following dilemmas/problems: A friend is in a wheelchair and is sitting in the playground alone. What can we do? Someone wants to pray at the beginning of recess. What […]

Our iconic bridge, learning all about it

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This term Upper 1st have enjoyed studying the history of Sydney Harbour Bridge. The children have loved all aspects the bridge history from the design phase, its significance in the Sydney landscape and how it has been interpreted as an historical artefact. Some families have walked the bridge and sent some very interesting photos, such as  Upper 1st […]

Persuasive advertising, learning all about it

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In English, Year 4 have been looking at persuasive texts. Over the past few weeks they have looked at advertisements and how companies persuade us to buy their products. This week the children have created an advertising campaign for Rambashi’s Jungle Grill from our novel The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman. The children worked […]

Sanskrit mission accomplished

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Congratulations to these 6th class girls: Anna W, Georgia P, Cassie G and Sophie R, looking relaxed and relieved here after sitting a tough International Sanskrit exam yesterday.

Gold rush games made for sharing

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As part of our unit on The History of Australian Colonies, 5th Class were asked to design and make a board game based on The Goldrush Period.The game had to satisfy certain criteria which included players collecting and winning items, historical facts and a set of typed rules.There was great fun today in class as […]

Update from Upper 1st

This week Upper 1st (Year 1) has enjoyed writing their own persuasive texts. Each child has chosen their own topic which they felt passionate about. They then each formed a point of view and supported that view with reasons or arguments. Finally, they created a conclusion , which formed their last paragraph of writing. Their […]

Premier’s Reading Challenge: bumper year for John Colet

The PRC is officially finished! I am so proud of all our students this year. The first year all of primary entered their own records online here at school and most of infants were able to complete the challenge at home with some assistance too. (I graciously thank all those parents who kindly stepped in […]