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Some student works

Xin Yao

Earlier this year, some of our students took part in the Australia My Country competition, organised by the Forestville Sub-branch of the Returned Services League of Australia.  Here are some of their entries…

By Xin Y, 6th class

Edward Tomicki

‘Women at War’ by Edward T, 6th class

Proud to be Australian

As the sun shone like
one thousand golden mirrors on the sea
I felt immensely proud
to be the Australian me.

As the kookaburra cackled with laughter
and the magpie sang its melodic song
I felt overwhelmed to be here
full of pride, standing strong.

The gum trees reaching to the sky
as the koala watches the world go by
A snake slithers swiftly and silently along
as venomous spiders hide where they belong.

As the night creeps in stealthily
the possums lurk in almost every tree
Along with bats and their ear-piercing noises
in Australia all wild animals roam free.

For me, this is the land of opportunity
the endless wildlife living in the perfect biome
People radiating happiness wherever they go
Australia is the place I call home.

By Jamie H, 6th class

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is full of devastation,
The day our soldiers left to fight for their nation.

They travelled to the destination,
Our Anzacs did this without contemplation.

The conditions beyond our imagination,
Leaving their homes with one explanation.

To fight for our country without regret,
Something that they will never forget.

Even though they might be upset,
They carry on with the same mindset.

To fight into the sunset,
After they fall, we will remember.

By Isabelle F, 6th class