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Sports Reports

Today 3rd and 4th class Girls played a soccer round robin.  We tied against Oxford Falls, lost to Saint Lukes and won against Pittwater House.
The Girls of the Games were Alethea, Sascha and Milla as they all played their best and played positions they don’t normally play.  Alethea scored a goal for the team and everyone did their best and tried hard.

– Samsara C

5th and 6th class Girls played St Lukes.  We won 6 – 0.  Everyone played really well.  The Girl of the Match was Lone.  She played brilliantly.

– Roxana S

On Friday the Senior Boys played a round robin of rugby.  We beat Galstaun College 6 -1 and lost to Loquat Valley 4 – 3.  Overall we played pretty well for our first match.  Ethan and Leo were the Men of the Match for their great defense.

– Luke C