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Sports Reports


On Friday 28th August, the Senior Girls A team, pictured, versed Northern beaches in soccer.  We had a glorious victory, winning the finals with an awesome score of 1-0.
Isis scored the winning goal and Jasmin did some really great goalie work.  But we have all agreed that we played really well and we think that we all deserve “man of the match’!  Congratulations to JCS Senior A team for a fanstastic win and also to Marley for being a great defence and playing with girls two years older than her.



The Senior Boys rugby team lost the Grand Final but heads up boys, we put up a good fight and Man of the Match was Luke .  Congratulations boys you played one of your best games of the season.  We lost 4 – 2 but played hard despite some calls against us.


The Junior Pisa Girls played Covenant Christian in soccer, both teams played really well but unfortunately we lost 1-3. The girls of the game were Ashwani and Iona because they were both encouraging and played well.  Samsara scored the goal.

Alethea and Jemima

The Junior Boys played  Covenant Christian in rugby and unfortunately we lost 8 – 3.  In our last game of the season, the men of the match were Aidan and Luca.