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Sports Reports

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Today, 5th and 6th class Senior  Pisa Girls (pictured above) played netball versing Loquat Valley in the Grand Finals.  It was a very intense match but with determination, we won!  Overall, we came third.  The score today was 10 – 3.  The Girls of the Match were: Everyone.  Amelia played really well in the match as Wing Defense.  She had energy and accurate passes.  We all played amazingly well, doing our best with enthusiasm and perseverance!- Mimi

The Senior Boys won 2 – 1 versing St Lukes in soccer.  They are runners up in the competition overall. 
The Junior Boys A team had a draw, 3 – 3 against Pittwater House, coming third in the overall competition. 
The Junior Boys B team lost 3 – 1 3 – 1 against Pittwater House.

The Junior Girls A team had round robbin matches today for fun.
The Junior Girls B lost 14 – 0 against Pittwater House.

“All the teams have worked very hard, have improved and have learned a lot and enjoyed this term’s Pisa.  Well done to all the children,” said Mr Roslin.