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Sports reports

Today the Senior Boys played St Luke’s in Cricket and won by 18 runs, 75 – 57. We played very well overall, especially considering we only had 10 players.  The man of the match was Carlo for some amazing batting, bowling and fielding.  In all, we played great but could improve our fielding and decisions about which end to throw to.- Ryan J

The Senior Girls played St Luke’s in Softball today.  We won and everyone contributed.  The girls of the game were: everyone!  Caly was an amazing pitcher, Sammy for her success in catcher, Alethea for her sportsmanship, Ashwani for her resilience in getting all the way round on the second innings, Milla got all the way home, Jemima was great on second base, Sasha got home both innings and we couldn’t have done it without our sub Olivia.

– Marley and Amy (Captains)

In other results, the Junior Girls versed St Luke’s in T Ball and drew 12-12 and the Junior Boys also versed St Luke’s in T Ball and lost 23 – 15.