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Sports Reports

On Friday 20th February 5th and 6th class softball girls versed Loquat Valley school and won with a smashing score of 8 points to 3. 
This week, everyone played so well that I am going to make two Girls of the Game.  The first is Caitlin as she made an amazing catch and played very well.  The second was Sophie as she filled in on the spot.  Other players who deserve to be mentioned are Mimi for pitching so well, and Isis who made an awesome catch as catcher.

Scout H

5th and 6th class Pisa boys played Loquat Valley in Cricket.  We won 49 – 26.  All the boys played well.  The Man of the Match was Sasha B for his amazing bowling.


3rd and 4th class Pisa girls played T Ball against Northern Beaches Christian School and the score was 12 – 9 and we won! The Girl of the Game was Ashwani because whenever the ball came towards her she threw it to the correct base and she had great sportmanship. 

Jemima and Milla

3rd and 4th class Pisa boys versed Northern Beaches Christian School in T Ball.  We lost by quite a bit but the Man of the Match was Jamie because he made everyone get home and he caught really well.

Marnix and Ryan