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Sports reports

Today the 5th and 6th class Senior PISA Girls soccer team were supposed to play Galstaun College but, not having enough players, Galstaun forfeited.  So instead we joined teams and split into two teams to play. One of the teams won 8 – 0.  The Girls of the Game were Ava and Ella but everyone was so energetic and enthusiastic, it was great. – Captain

The 5th and 6th class Senior PISA Boys rugby team played Oxford Falls Grammar School and lost 12 – 2. In the first half we were not really on with our minds.  In the second half we played better and scored two tries.  The Men of the Match were Leo for great tries and Ayush for great running. – Captain

On Friday the Junior girls PISA soccer team played St Luke s. We all played to the best of our ability but sadly lost 0-4. The girls of the game were Naomi for her resilience, Amelia for her amazing goalie work and Sahara for her good sportsmanship. – Scarlett

The Junior Boys versed St Luke’s Dee Why and lost 8 – 1.