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Sports Reports

Junior Boys
We versed St Lukes, and unfortunately we lost.  The score in the T Ball game was 16 – 26.
 The Man of the Match was Bob because of his great play and giant hits.

Ryan J

Junior Girls
This week we played well against St Lukes but we lost 18 – 26. The Girl of the Game is Amy because she took any place and didn’t put up a fight and she has been a good sportsperson.We all cheered well and everybody was great so congratulations everybody.

Senior Girls
We played softball againts Covenant Christian School.  It was a terrific game and we won 11-1 our way.  However, it is a game over a two week period and we feel very confident in how we are playing.  Our Man of the Match, also referred to as the Girl of the Match, is the whole team. Mrs Kearney said “I was extremely impressed at how fast you were all able to get the ball to first base.”

Senior Girls B team lost 14 – 3 versus Loquat Valley School.


Senior Boys
The Senior Boys B team won 55-45 in cricket.

The Senior Boys A team versed Covenant Christian and took 66 runs and need 67 next week to win.

The Man of the Match was Cameron K.

Mr Roslin