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Sports Reports

Today the Junior Netball Girls versed Oxford Falls.  Unfortunately we lost 13 – 3.  The Girls of the Game were Ella and Jemima because they got the ball and they played their best.

Samsara C

The Senior Girls Netball team played St Lukes and we won 13 – 4.  The player of the match was Jasmin because she intercepted a lot of passes.  Everyone played very well but Jasmin put the most effort in.

Caitlin B

The Senior Boys A soccer team played Northern Beaches Christian School.  We lost 5 – 0, but in the second half, the play really improved, so we weren’t too disappointed.  The Man of the Match was Daniel S, because he played really well.

Sasha and Ethan

The John Colet Senior B Team played St Lukes in soccer. Although we lost 2 – 1, we plaed really well and our striking in the second half was excellent.  The Man of the Match was William as did very well at booting the ball up to the opposition’s half.  Our only goal ws scored by Kiyan.

Henry B

The Junior Boys lost 1-0 in their soccer game.