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Sports reports from Pisa sport

Senior Girls Pisa
5th and 6th class girls played softball against Oxford Falls Grammar School.  Unfortunately we lost 14 5 but we still played really well.  The girl of the game was Lone because of her excellent batting.  It was a great game and everyone played well.
Raveena and Tally

Senior Boys played cricket against against Oxford Falls.  We played very well but unfortunately for Oxford Falls, WE WON!!!  The score was 54 43.  The man of the match was Jarod for his fantastic batting.
Lucas and Xavier

Junior Boys played Pittwater House in T ball.  Unfortunately we lost 25 21.  The man of the match was William W because he got a few home runs whereas most of us didn t.  We all played really well, and are looking forward to next week’s match.
Leo (captain)

Junior Girls versed Pittwater House in T ball. The score was 11-16, we lost but we were pleased we didn t get thrashed!  The girls of the game were Ashwani and Mi Mi.  They both were enthusiastic and showed great determination.
Samsara and Mi Mi