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Sports reports from Pisa sport

Today’s rugby game was outstanding. Score at half time was 4-4 and at full time was 8-7 in favour of Pittwater House, John Colet only lost by one point and they came damnably close to winning.

Man of the Match went to Joff B for a series of dangerous runs from the right wing, running the length of the field to score one try and saving several tries with some ferocious tackles. Honourable mentions also of Leo, Sasha aka ‘Fridge’ for building up a series of great, metre eating runs from first reciever and Harry aka ‘Hero’ for scoring two tries, saving at least one and forcing two turnovers at crucial moments. I also have to mention Luke B (aka ‘Pacman’), not for anything in particular but just for the fact that everyone else on the field was at least twice his size and he gave it his all anyway.

This week I’ll be working on having them not bunching up when attacking, getting those first two passes out quickly and keeping a unified defensive line.

Assistant Coach (and John Colet School graduate)
Tom Layton

Senior Girls
This week 5th and 6th class Pisa Girls played Northern Beaches Christian School.
Unfortunately we lost 2 0 but we still all played really well. The Player of the Match was Amber Krebs because she was always alert and always had the ball.

Raveena D
Pisa Captain