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Sports reports from Pisa sport

Junior Boys played Northern Beaches in modified rugby league.  Unfortunately, we lost 3 2.  The man of the match was Anikan K  for his excellent playing and sidestepping.  We all played really well and we are all looking forward to next week’s match.

Junior Girls Pisa sadly lost 5 0 to Northern Beaches in Soccer.  Happily Mi Mi P was the girl of the game .

This Friday the Senior Bumblebees played up against Northern Beaches and sadly lost 14 0.  The men of the match were Flinders and Hamish for passing, running and not giving up.  Even though we lost, next time we will play better, learn from our mistakes and then we will prevail.
Rushil and Elliot
5th and 6th class girls played Pittwater House in soccer.  We won 4 0.  We all played really well, but the men of the match were Sophie W (scored two goals) and Scout H (great defence and tackling.)
Raveena D