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Sports reports from this week’s Pisa round

4th class Girls
On Friday, 4th class girls played St Luke’s in netball.  We won 7-0.  The Players of the Match were Isis C and Alexa D because they both tried their hardest at GS and GA.
-Jasmin (vice Captain)

5th and 6th class Girls
We played St Luke’s in netball.  I think we played well but it wasn t our best game.  We lost 6-11.  But we all tried our hardest and we were all pretty tired.  Girl of the Game for 5th class is Jaanavi K because while playing GD she defended GA really well and got the ball a couple of times.  Girl of the Game for 6th class is Eden T because while playing WA she got free and got the ball multiple times.  Also, when she was asked to play WD she did so willingly even though she doesn t like that position.
-Chloe (Captain)

4th class Boys
The junior boys played Pittwater House in soccer.  They played hard but lost 3-2.  Player of the Match was Harry P because he saved a lot of goals.
Tim Roslyn, Coach

5th and 6th class Pisa Boys
We played soccer against Pittwater House.  The whole team played well and we were rewarded with a win of 5-0. All the boys were happy with the win, and we all thought Lucas v de S was the Man of the Match with his great passing and his great goal.  All the boys played well and we are excited for next week.
– Josh (Captain)

(Pisa is an inter-school sports competition for independent schools on the Penisula)