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Sports results in PISA sports round

Junior Girls
On Friday the Junior Pisa Girls played soccer against Pittwater House and won 9 nil.  Everyone played very well but the Girl of the Game was Lone because even though she was mid-field she scored a goal and played her hardest.
– Caitlin (Vice Captain)

Junior Boys
On Friday the Junior Boys played rugby against Northern Beaches.  Unfortunately we lost 9-0.  The Man of the Match was Cameron K because of his great runs.
By Hamish (Captain) and Ethan (Vice Capt)

Senior Girls
5th and 6th class girls played soccer against Northern Beaches Christian College.  We played a great game and really improved but unfortunately we lost 2 0.  The Girls of the Game were Brigitte S for playing with terrific skill and Mei T-H for amazingly precise kicking and Daya C-H for great speed and stamina.  Everyone played excellently.
–    Daya C-H and India P

The Senior Boys team had a bye.