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Stage Coordinator Comment

It’s been a week delightfully dominated by Sanskrit the week of the annual Sanskrit Recitation Competition, both Heats and Finals.  What a splendid event the final competition was, attended by distinguished guest, parents and the children and their teachers.  The children were outstanding both as audience and performer, showing a steadiness and confidence that was very impressive.  The atmosphere was imbued with the meaning of the prayers they recited, and our guest-of-honour, Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Vice-Consul of the Consulate General of India, said how very impressed he was.  He had himself studied Sanskrit at Primary School and knew its value.  After the competition and the acknowledgement of the winners and judges, and the organisers, Mrs. Rosey Dunstan and Mrs. Joan Childs our Sanskrit Teachers, Mr. Kumar took questions from the senior children on life in India.  The event was a huge success.  Mr. Kumar undertook to come again next year &..  He must have enjoyed himself!

Another event was held on Thursday evening by the Music Faculty, under the care of Ms. Rosey Davidson to showcase the skills of the School’s music students and Music Ensemble, who were called to perform for their parents.  The qualities of steadiness and courage were obvious in the children, and they played beautifully 

We have had quite a number of enquiries from parents of potential new students, funnily enough mostly for 2nd Class.  Mrs. James confirms two definite enrolments and two further trial days for children.  2nd Class is expanding and we have loosened our belts !    From Week 7 Mrs. Connell will be moving across to work with Miss Marley on 2nd Class for three mornings and an afternoon per week, whilst still working with Mrs. Tefay and U1st on two other days.  To this end Mrs. Tefay and Mrs. Connell have increased their days of work, and Mrs. Tefay will receive more Teacher’s Aide support.

In line with our policy to offer the children Positive Behaviour Support, we will be introducing early next term an agreement document that children who attend after-school activities and Clubs, and their parents,  will sign.  Positive Behaviour Support, long practised at John Colet School, outlines before an event the sort of behaviour that is expected, and offers guidance and training to the children.

The Agreement will set out expected behaviours at the many Clubs and extension activities in the School that are held during Recesses or before and after school hours.  Some are supervised by School teachers and some are not.  These include Chess, French, Mandarin, Gardening, Music Ensemble, Needlecraft, Conducting and others.  This Agreement will set out parameters for behaviour and general conduct, and will support the children in their efforts to gain the maximum from these activities.

Reports should go out mid-next week and many teachers are having Parent Meetings.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress