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Stage Coordinator Comment

A good, if chilly and wet, beginning  to the Term.

I am glad to report that the uniform has been very good this week, with only a couple of caps and blazers missing early in the week.  More importantly, many children have been showing respect, particularly standing aside at doors, waiting for conversations to end before interrupting, and not walking in between people conversing.  And as for standing up when adults enter the classroom it’s been wonderful.  Have you ever seen 25 Jack-in-the-Boxes!  I have, and frequently this week.

On Friday we had a farewell morning tea for Mr. Edmund Wakeford who has taught at John Colet on and off over fifteen years.  He began as a High School boy doing Work Experience, then he worked for a period during a gap year and finally as a trained teacher, both in the classroom and in the Special Education Gifted and Support area.  He has worked quietly in the background supporting and extending children according to need.  He is going to live in Thailand and has taken a class position at an International School outside Bangkok.  He will join his Thai wife, Yo, in Thailand.  We wish him all the best.

We also said farewell to Mrs Caroline Brehaut, who has been with us since the beginning of the year, and has been a shining light in the Primary Latin Department.  She is going to teach at Queenwood, where she has been offered a position.  A short, but happy association, Mrs. Brehaut is helping us to locate a replacement.  More anon.

Teachers Day on Monday Mrs. McKendrick will be back (if jet-lagged!) and we expect Mr. Philip Wolfers, Chairman of the Board, to join us for the celebration, which is taking a slightly different form this year flowers and brief verbal offerings from the children.  Parents are very welcome.  I have read some of the children’s offerings and they are touching. A portion of the flowers will remain with the teachers in their classrooms, and most will be taken to the Wesley Gardens Nursing Home by Mrs. Tomicki and 4th Class and presented to the ladies and gentlemen there.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress