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Stage Coordinator Comment

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Once again the Infants children and their wonderful teachers, including the dynamic Miss Zoe Emanuel, have joined forces with their parents (props, sets, costumes, hairstyles, makeup) to produce an amazing Infants Shakespeare Festival:  it simply gets better and better every year.

A big thank you also to Geraldine W Wardrobe Mistress, to the Administration team for background help, to Mr. Glen Miller for installing a professional sound system, Mrs. Sue McKinley for choreographing and teaching dances, and of course, Mrs. Donna Moor for accommodating the constant changes to her lunch operations with all the comings and goings.  Thank you all.  By-the-way, the Chairman of the Board came to the first performance and Mr. and Mrs. Mane attended all daytime performances, and were seen to be enjoying themselves thoroughly.  The Infants classes watched each other’s plays.

Another noteworthy event was the Interschool Debating this week John Colet hosted the Sydney Japanese School, The Galstaun School and the Alexander School, under the care of our new Debating Instructor, Mrs. Jasmine Crewe.  John Colet (pictured below) won its round, and one of the comments made by the Adjudicator was about the style and manner of the presentation of all the John Colet children:  they were consistent in their ability to speak out confidently and engage the audience, resulting in a strong delivery.  Could this be due to years of Shakespeare?  It must be mentioned that several children from the other schools also spoke well.

We had a lovely morning tea farewell for Sue McKinley after eighteen years of extraordinary service and friendship, and also said goodbye to Olivia Buchanan who has lived up to the high standards set by former Gap students they seem to bring a breath of fresh air and are very responsive to all that is asked of them.  Sue is moving to the Central Coast and Olivia is returning to the U.K.


Judith Donald
Infants Mistress