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Stage Coordinator Comment


Praise and comments have been rolling in this week about the Infants Shakespeare Festival and the amazingly high standard of performance, direction and production.  Congratulations again to the children for the lines learnt, the  qualities displayed and the love and enthusiasm they showed for the performance.  Another outstanding feature this year was the universal support of the parents, and this showed itself particularly with the costumes and makeup, which were detailed, colourful and professional.  Thanks to all.  By-the-way, I couldn t help noticing the lips of some parents in the audience moving whilst their children were saying lines on  stage.  Most endearing!
Primary have moved seriously into their rehearsals and we look forward to seeing their performances later in Term 4.
4th Class achieved second place in the Ryde Eisteddfod with their Recorder Consort.  They came home with a cup and much praise ringing in their ears.  Well done children, and also great work was done by Mrs. Miles and Mrs. Tomicki.  We enjoy the fruits of their work at each Monday morning Assembly, when the Consort plays hymns and marching out music.
 I will be on Long Service Leave for weeks 6 and 7:  I am going to a Plato Conference in Delphi, Greece, where we will be studying The Symposium along with nearly 100 other students from all over the world.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress