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Stage Coordinator Comment

The School Campus has been remarkably quiet this past week, as it always is when the Primary classes go off on their three-day excursions.  By all accounts, a marvellous time was had by all, and the weather was certainly co-operative.  No reports of the finding of large and valuable nuggets on the goldfields!

These excursions are a great training ground for the children both educationally and socially, and the teachers are to be thanked for their work.

Thank you for the very positive responses to the new swimming arrangements for the Infants.

This is a reminder to ensure that the children have the correct footwear for swimming on the first Friday back next Term:

         Casual slip-on footwear (such as thongs, Crocs, jelly sandals these not to be worn to school).  The teachers will issue more detailed reminders in the first week back.

While on the subject of uniform:  for Term 4, the first two weeks, the children may come to school in either summer or winter uniform, as dictated by their individual needs and the weather.  After that, summer uniform, of course.

Another important item is the morning tea provision sent for the Infants Classes:  under the aegis of our  healthy eating policy, we would like Infants to bring fresh fruit for morning tea, and some other healthy items, if necessary, such as yoghourt, muesli bars, a small sandwich or cake.  Processed and highly salted or sugared foods such as artificially flavoured chips, we would prefer you to avoid. 

Mrs. Moor provides a variety of fresh fruits or vegetables for lunch, and as well as the hot food, the children are offered yoghourt and milk, unprocessed cheese and dried fruits.  We went to some effort last year to introduce the Health Department’s Crunch and Sip programme to encourage children to bring fresh crunchy foods. 

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress