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Stage Coordinator Comment

The final Term of the year began with a very successful Teachers Day.  We considered the School Vision Mission and Values and discussed the Value for practice this term which is
Service and Care for All
Practice: Service

  1. Am I giving full attention?
  2. Is it beautiful, well-presented and pleasing to others?
  3. Does this action benefit everyone?
  4. Am I setting a good example?
  5. Is my attitude positive?

These first few weeks we are focusing on the giving of attention, and the encouragement of the children to be attentive and mindful.  We agreed that this value was of immense benefit in life, and that a person who can focus on the task in hand is more efficient and effective in whatever they do.
Mrs. Tomicki and 4th Class have a Practicum student from Southern Cross University, who will be at John Colet for six weeks- Michael Godfrey.  He is a second year Education student, and will be spending a little time with classes other than Fourth.

Week 2 will see the annual visit of members of the John Bell Shakespeare Company, who will come to see snippets of each class’s plays on Tuesday morning.  A little bird told me that Gilbert Mane may also be coming:  it’s hard to keep him away from Shakespeare, and he has been helping with one of the 6th class plays.  The final performances will be in late October.

All the best for the Term.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress