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Stage Coordinator Comment

The School was treated to the dress rehearsals of the Primary Shakespeare Festival during the past week, using the small stage in the Hall.  There are some real gems in store, plenty of laughs and perhaps even a few tears.  The Primary children will be rehearsing at Glen Street Theatre this coming  week with the performances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 28th 30th October.  Hope to see you there.
A successful Working Bee on Sunday many thanks to the parents and children who helped to clear debris and wood litter before the bushfire season.  With the season for bushfires approaching, we will have another Bushfire Drill before the end of term.   A large bed outside Top House was cleared at the Working Bee for use by the Gardening Club to grow bush tucker:  that was quite a job clearing out the old growth, and we look forward to future harvests of native edibles.
It was wonderful to hear that the Kidpreneur initiatives of 6th Class were so enthusiastically supported by the school, and the senior class raised $1,700 through the sales of the small items they made and brought to school for sale.  A magnificent effort by the children, parents and teachers.
The Nativity Play on Tuesday 24th November is the occasion where we collect Christmas gifts for the less privileged in our community.  Regular-type gifts will go to the Smith Family, but this year we have in mind to collect also for a Kenyan school visited last year by teacher Marie White.  Anything in the line of educational materials will be welcome pencils, readers, colouring books, counters, puzzles, educational toys second hand items will be most welcome.  Perhaps you could begin collecting as you throw out things to make way for the Christmas gift harvest at home!  Any educational items will be most welcome.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress