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Stage Coordinator Comment

In our Vision Mission and Values booklet we have an over-arching guide which is:

The Rule of Action at John Colet School is:

To do that which is reasonable in the circumstances; and to refrain from doing that which is unreasonable.

Simple and straightforward and fitting for any occasion!  It’s a good thought:  What would a reasonable person do here?

It’s been a week of much activity with another wonderful success at Chess, the Mindfulness talk which attracted not only JCS parents, but others besides.  Simple good sense fully backed by Science.

A big Thank you to Dr. Craig Hassed, who flew down just for the evening, and all of those who arranged it.

The Walkathon, too, is an event much loved by the children, and the money raised last year provided some major new installations in the playground for the children to exercise and play on. 

We have been re-vamping some of our Policies, one of them being Students Responsibilities and Rights.  At the end of it there is a Guideline for Students on Courtesy:

About Courtesy, Sir Kenneth Clark says:

I believe in courtesy, the ritual by which we avoid hurting other people’s feelings by satisfying our own egos.

The John Colet VMV says:

Courtesy is consideration for others. It embodies and exemplifies the five School Values, especially Service, Care and Respect.

Both give cause for reflection.