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Stage Coordinator Comment

The Annual Shakespeare Festival for the Primary at the Glen Street Theatre has been on what an outstanding success, how the children rose to the occasion, how beautifully they were presented and trained with the support of Drama Teacher, Class Teachers  and parents and helpers!
One never quite knows whether to be relieved or sad  when it’s over.  Thanks are due all round.
At Infants Assembly, in the telling of the Legend of Theseus and his preparation  to be, and then testing as,  a hero, the children have been alerted to the fact that  these ancient legends are really lessons for life, and we have discussed how to be a HERO in practical terms, and what in fact are the monsters that we as heroes have to overcome.  Vivekananda says

The earth is enjoyed by heroes.  Be a hero always say I have no fear.
Our third value is Courage Self Control, Inner Strength and Right Action :  practice of this is really what it is to be a hero!

Last year at the time of the Nativity Play (on this year in the morning of Tuesday 24th November) we collected gifts for the Smith Family for children whose parents are experiencing hard times.   This year we have in mind  to collect for a Kenyan school visited last year by Marie White.  Anything in the line of educational materials will be welcome pencils, readers, colouring books, counters, puzzles, educational toys second hand items will be most welcome.  Perhaps you could begin collecting as you throw out things to make way for the Christmas gift harvest at home!  Any educational items will be most welcome.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress