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Stage Coordinator Comment

The children at John Colet School are constantly reminded about and instructed in the real application of the school values, and this has been very much in evidence in the School this week in a very practical way.  The Sports Carnival was a huge success and the courage of the children and their sportsmanship was very evident: highlighting our values particularly in relation to Inner Strength, Self Control and Right Action.

This is also what we hope to put across with Remembrance Day which  is not to glorify war, but to honour the courage of those who have gone before to ensure our freedom.  It is to promote peace and conflict resolution.

 A teacher reported to me that whilst on playground duty in recent weeks, she has seen several incidents where arguments have arisen, have begun to escalate, and where the children themselves have applied principles of conflict resolution, and have been able to resolve the problem  in an amicable way, avoiding real conflict. 

In fact this  week in a Philosophy Class, children from 2nd Class described exactly such a thing.  They told how they were helped by some 6th Class children to dissolve a conflict that was escalating   and continue their play happily.  They showed great satisfaction in having managed this.  This is the practical application of the School Value:  Courage, – Self control, Inner Strength and Right Action.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress