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Stage Coordinator Comment

Welcome back to a new year we have no doubt it is going to be a productive and interesting one.
Over and above all the preparations the teachers have been making over the holiday period, the Staff have been in last week for some training, planning and personal development sessions.  There have been some very inspiring conversations by the teachers of ways in which they have found it useful to inculcate the values to the children, to bring them closer to an understanding of who they are and how they can realise their abilities and talents.  Child Protection and health and safety have also been addressed, particularly anaphylaxis and asthma, and further training in the use of the iPads.
In recent weeks there has been a continuing interest in John Colet, which has resulted in enquiries, tours of the school, and a number of new enrolments.  In recognition of this and in the interests of the children,  we have decided to split three classes that were already becoming large, rather than waiting for further enrolments and making changes later in the year. These classes are Lower First, Upper First and Third Class. This is far better for the children, teachers and other aspects of school management.

By-the-way, we  have heard from Miss Marie White (former JCS teacher) regarding the overwhelmingly generous donations made by parents to her Africa Collection , and a large assortment of school equipment and educational toys is on its way to Africa.  Many, many thanks to the generous donors.
This term we will be looking at Respect, and of course this impinges on all aspects of our behaviour.  Updates on that in the weeks to come!

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress