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The term is well under way and everyone is working happily and to capacity:  walking around the school one sees children who are engaged and enthusiastic.   It is worth mentioning how well the new 3rd Class children have settled into the Primary rhythm, and their growing maturity and independence are obvious.

On Wednesday, the two 6th Classes went to a leadership event at the Olympic Stadium, along with many other primary children. The speakers included Andrew Scipione, NSW Police Commissioner, and Paralympian Ben Austin.   The theme was Mastering the Little Steps :    taking little steps to improve and enhance our skills, talents, and good character with the aim of self-mastery, which is an essential quality for leaders.

The Uniform Room now has  good stock of school caps.  For those who were previously unable to purchase one they are now available.

The children were asked at Assembly to take up the practice of respect for their own work always present your best and respect for the work of others.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress

Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress