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Stage Coordinators’ Comment

Walking past Upper First on Thursday, it was very obvious that the children were totally engaged in their Science  lesson on Photosynthesis, and they could actually explain what it was about!!  This is the feel of the school at the moment with the children working quietly and enthusiastically as we approach the end of a long term.
Also on Thursday Fourth class celebrated Greek Day as part of their study of Ancient Greece (some photos are below).  There was great enthusiasm and excitement all round.  The Greek Olympics proved to be such fun with some children winning medals and all of them having a very good time.  This was followed by making Greek mosaics, Trojan Horse construction, and culinary feasts such as  Greek cookies and dolmades.  There was also a tasting table where the children could taste Greek food, but it was received with dubious enthusiasm.  A wonderful day was had by all and our thanks goes to all the parents for providing such wonderful costumes and a special thanks to those parents who helped in the class room on the day.
The term’s practice of Respect has borne much good fruit, and one is constantly noticing mannerly and respectful behaviour from the children.  A visitor to the school commented on this last week when a child entered the room where we were speaking in a very polite and considerate way.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress

Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress