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Stage Coordinator Comment

Congratulations to the John Colet 6th Class debaters they won their first debate of the season against the Alexander School.  Congratulations also go to all the children that have been coming to school in full uniform, shipshape and Bristol fashion!  It is a constant effort, but a very worthwhile one, reflecting well on the individual, the family and the School.

Congratulations a third time to those children making an effort to try some of the new and delicious foods that Mrs. Moor is introducing to the table.  The Live Life Well @ School initiative by the Health Department is fully embraced at John Colet, and lunches are fresh and nutritious.  A word about morning tea provision:  we would be pleased if parents did not send sweets and chocolates to school:  these are contrary to our Healthy Eating Policy there are plenty of opportunities out of school to eat these treats .  Crunch and Sip make it fresh and healthy.

The Mindful Wisdom course offered free to John Colet parents will begin on 1st June and continue for 11 weeks (school term time only) into Term 3.  We have had a solid expression of interest, but there are still places available.  Should you be interested, please contact Judith Donald on .

On a recent visit to the Sanskrit Room, the following was spotted on the Notice Board:

The word Sanskrit means perfectly constructed . It brings order to the mind and clarifies thinking.  It brightens the mind and opens the heart.

The study of Sanskrit is nourishing for mind and spirit as it works from the deepest level of being.  It is a spiritual language which has a transforming effect on the whole being.

Just in case you were wondering & &.!  

There will be Sanskrit recitation at Open Day and you are encouraged to attend the Sanskrit Recitation Competition on 11th August.

School Value:     Speak the truth pleasantly!