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Stage Coordinator Comment

The School Holidays are upon us, but before that we have the delight of the Infants Shakespeare Festival, which is the culmination of much work on the part of the children, teachers and the wonderful parents who have given their support.  I know the experience will be rewarding for us all.

The Chess Club has had a very successful term under the care of Mrs. P and parents, and under the direction of the very able chess coaches.   Inter-Schools matches have been played throughout the term, and four have been staged at John Colet.  Mrs. P has spent some time preparing a very comprehensive Chess Club Protocol and information document for parents, and anyone wishing to receive a copy should contact the Clubs Co-ordinator, Mrs. Donald.

Jump Rope for Heart finishes at the end of term, with much money already in the pipeline.  On Thursday afternoon there was a Jump Off at school a celebration of skipping, highlighting for the children the importance of exercise in the care of their own health.  We can say unreservedly that the event was enjoyed all round.  The final fundraising tally will be published next term.

The practice of the School Value  of Truthfulness has been offered to the children in the form of not gossiping or not passing on unsubstantiated comments about people and events.  Speak the truth with courage but also with kindness.  There have been several instances this week of children owning up to things without hesitation:  this is impressive and should always be praised before tackling any necessary consequences .

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress