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Stage Coordinator Comment

This is the end of a very busy and successful term.  The main message is one of thanks to the teachers, children and parents, all of whom have helped to bring about events such as Open Day, the Inter-Schools Chess Competition, Parent-Teacher meetings and of course the most amazing and marvellous Shakespeare Festival for the Infants.  One never knows whether to be happy or sad that it is over!  Either way, it was a great success, and the culmination of much work.

Enjoy the holidays:  many are travelling, including Miss Cipollone and Mr. Miller, both going to the International Teachers Conference run by the Renaissance Schools (of which we are part) in Lucca Italy.  Miss Cipollone has been very generously sponsored by the P&F and Mr. Miller will be attending as a tutor.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress