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Stage Coordinator Comment

This week everyone at John Colet seemed to have smiles on their faces, and rightly so!
It has been Science Week throughout the Nation, and very much so here at John Colet.  We must thank Mrs. Marissa N (mother of Jason Year 6), Mrs. Renshaw and of course the Headmaster for orchestrating a most enriching week of Science, and for 60 (yes 60!) science sessions throughout the school this week, involving every child.  This covered topics ranging from the mysteries of the Universe to the mysteries of Kitchen Science with Mrs. Moor, and even an illustrated talk by Jolan L (Year 5)  on stick insects.

Our celebration of science has attracted parents, such as Mrs. N, Mr. M, Dr. J, Ms Mary-Anne Renshaw, Mrs. P, Dr. B,  and two past students, Ms Eleanor McKendrick and Ms Kirstin Proft, the latter flying in from Tasmania (thank you P&F) where she is currently working on a Ph.D.  To add to all this excitement, two outside providers were engaged one to bring in an inflatable Planetarium, and the other conducting Robotics sessions, not to forget the Headmaster’s daily challenges after lunch which covered competitions in paper aeroplane, tower and bridge construction, a parachute competition  (Mrs. Renshaw), and on Friday, an Oobleck Pool. (Yes, ask your children about that one!)

Just in case there isn t enough excitement, next week is Book Week at John Colet and Wednesday 24th August will be a Dress Up as Your Favourite Book Character Day.  The emphasis in class will be on literature and on Monday 22nd author Bronwyn Vaughan will speak to the Primary children, and on Friday Penny Walton (from our Art Dept.), who is a book illustrator, will speak to the Infants children.

Grandparents Morning will be in Week 7 on Thursday, 1st September from 9.00-10.30.  This will include a friendly cup of tea, a short concert and a visit to the classrooms.  There is no specific RSVP, but please let the children know if their grandparents are coming we need a rough idea of the numbers.

The NAPLAN results were posted out this week and the Literacy and Numeracy assessment for John Colet was once again outstanding.  Congratulations to the children and ALL their teachers.  The values and practices at the school, supported by all Staff, undoubtedly help the children to achieve these results.   Of course the ethos of John Colet and the steady inculcation of our Values remain the aim of the school, and  it is always reassuring to see these bear fruit.  This is an appropriate point to mention that we no longer use the services of Robert Allwell for professional assessment, and also that Mrs. Jasmine Crowe from our Special Education Department is presently conducting a survey of the school’s assessment practices from L1st-6th Class.

We are all very happy to see Mrs. Tefay return after a long absence on sick leave, but heartily thank Mrs. Mary Garrett and Mr. Glen Miller who stood in without a hiccough, Mrs. Garrett, a former John Colet teacher, driving each week from Canberra.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress