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Stage Coordinator Comment

The last week of term is here, the weather is warming and we will be in summer uniform next term. Swimming for Infants will commence in Week one Term 4 on Fridays.
This week there was a display in the Staff Room of the pottery produced by each class in their Art lessons – these were plates decorated to the theme of bush plants and creatures, perhaps you have seen them on our Facebook page?  They will be auctioned at the Bush Dance and they are absolutely delightful.  Look out for them if you are going to the Bush Dance.

John Colet School comes under the umbrella of the Education Renaissance Trust which is an independent educational charity in the U.K. whose aim is to facilitate a renaissance in the education of children. 
It was founded in 1997 to support a group of schools around the world  who share this view of education, which is to put spiritual values at the heart of education.  The first such school St. James School in London, a sister school of John Colet was founded in 1975.  John Colet was founded ten years later, in 1985.
The purpose of the Trust is to help and encourage schools and teachers who put spiritual values  into education in order to inspire children with good and true principles for living.  Its scope includes fundraising, financial support for affiliated schools if needed, teacher training and other educational initiatives such as the Teachers Study Week recently held in Lucca, Italy, which was attended by two John Colet teachers, one paid for by the John Colet P&F and the other by the ERT itself.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress