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Stage Coordinator Comment

Welcome back to the final term for the year, and an action packed one it will be with Shakespeare for the Primary, the Athletics Carnival, the School Chess Competition, the Nativity and preparation for Speech Night.  We also have five Practicum Students at the school this term, and new students to welcome in several classes.  Another novelty will be a new play area that is being opened up, on trial, and that is the bushland in the back corner of the school:  children are allowed there to play, but have been told to treat it as a Nature Reserve, which in fact it is, and to respect any wild life .  Instruction in that regard has been given.

Service  is our value for the term, and the children gave some delightful examples at Assembly of the practice of this during the holidays:  everything from cleaning the car to tidying up a brother’s bedroom!  In particular the children are asked to give Secret Service this means doing something quietly and discreetly without looking for reward or praise.   We can all try it!

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Senior Mistress