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Stage Coordinator Comment

This Term the practice is

Service Always give of your best

The leading questions are:    Am I giving full attention?   Is it beautiful, well-presented and pleasing to others?   Does this action benefit everyone?   Am I setting a good example?   Is my attitude positive?  And of course the special flavour to this practice at the moment is   

Service without seeking a reward! 

Five new John Colet  students started at the school this week and they already seem settled in.  We also have three Practicum university students in the classrooms for the next few weeks and four in the Art room one day a week each.  We are blessed, and we hope they enjoy their John Colet experience.

The new area of the school that has been opened up this week  is the Nature Reserve , which the children have been enjoying at lunch play this week.  They have been spoken to several times about what to do if they see a snake, how to respond and what to do afterwards.  We would also ask parents to check from time to time for ticks, although we are not aware of any tick bites so far this week.   The children have also been asked to respect the space as a nature reserve and not to pick or break the foliage, but to use it as a quiet space and not to run about, as that also tends to damage the plants.   Teachers are being given extra training on snake bit first aid procedures.   Of course going there is optional, and if you would prefer your child not to venture there, please ask them to play elsewhere.

You may have noticed the work going on at the back of Top House to open up and level that area for future use.  This is a work in progress and more anon &

Chess Club:  Mrs. Simone P has been our Chess Organiser for the past while and has done a most enthusiastic and efficient job.  Although she will still be involved and interested as a parent, she will be handing over at the end of this term to Mrs. Jasmine Crewe, Staff Member, who will look after all things Chess from next year on.

Parents of 2nd -5th classes  (next year’s 3rd to 6th classes)  should have received an email from the school asking them to enter their  children into next year’s Swimming Carnival. Please would you complete your bookings before 28th October this is very important for the organisation of the event.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress