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Stage Coordinator Comment

What a wonderful week:  I am sure the teachers and children were delighted with the great success of their performances  which were outstanding! 

However, it’s not all over, because we have a visit on the coming Tuesday from James Evans of the Bell Shakespeare Company.  He will be entertained with small excerpts from all of this year’s performances yes, including the Infants!  Congratulations to teachers, children and support teams for their enthusiastic contributions to the Festival!  Thanks to those who brought visitors to enjoy this wonderful event, of which we may be justly proud.

The Infants had their annual In-School Chess Competition (Primary on 11th November):  they really enjoyed it and there was a high level of excitement.  As the competition proceeded the children became noticeably quieter and very attentive.  The happy winners were :   1st Place, Siddhartha Balachandran, 2nd Ella Hoye and 3rd Dominic Sjogren with a few little prizes for runners up and sportsmanship. Many thanks to Mrs. Simone Pietschner who so capably orchestrates these events.    There is a Chess Challenge at Knox at the Lawson Centre this Sunday and John Colet will be represented by a few of our top players.  Best of luck.

Next week looks like another biggie with two Headmaster’s morning teas, a Market Day, the James Evans visit, an ABC Concert in the city for the Infants children, and preparation for the Sports Carnival the following week.  Also, parents please remember to submit entry forms (Years 2-6) for the Swimming Carnival next year the deadline is today.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress