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Stage Coordinator Comment

The Sports Carnival was a huge success and the courage of the children and their sportsmanship was very evident: highlighting our values particularly in relation to Courage:  Inner Strength, Self Control and Right Action.  There were some wonderful efforts on the part of individual children, and all were conscious of the need to work for their House.  The weather was more propitious than we had expected (very hot weather predicted) and then there was a change but the rain held off.  Thank you to those parents who came to support and cheer.

It’s In-School Chess time:  Infants had their competition two weeks ago and Primary had theirs today.   A record number of children have participated.   We have also had recent success in Inter-Schools competitions, most recently at Mona Vale on Thursday.   Our thanks to Mrs. P, who has been tireless in her nurturing of our chess talent.

On Monday evening the School Executive joined the P&F for their Annual General Meeting , a delightful dinner at a St. Ives venue, and the new Office Bearers were announced:  Niki T will be the President, and lead the new team.     Many thanks to the Old Guard and all their supporters, who have done such a wonderful job.  This of course includes the Class Parents.  Please note that the P&F is still looking for a parent to take up the position of Garden Club Co-ordinator.  Any interested applicant should contact Mr. M or Mrs. Donald.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress