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Stage Coordinator Comment

Managing the uniform requirements of a school is always a challenge for both parents and children, but it is an important factor in the currency of schools such as John Colet.  The uniform reflects the school, the family and the child.  In supporting an ethos of mindfulness, care and respect, it is important that the children reflect this in their appearance.  They should take pride in a clean uniform and shiny shoes and should arrive and LEAVE school looking their best, and in full uniform.

The same applies to demeanour and general deportment.  We have had several new parents reporting that they were attracted  to the school when meeting existing students &.:  Where did your children learn to look someone in the eye and shake hands like that?   Manners maketh Man!

Please see elsewhere in this bulletin a suggestion that the John Colet children attend the Nativity Play (performed by 2nd Class) on Tuesday 29th with a gift for charity:  new or second hand in good order.  These gifts go to the Smith Family for wrapping and distribution.  Anyone who would like to stay to watch the Nativity and sing Christmas Carols, is welcome to do so!

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress

Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress