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Stage Coordinator Comment

GENEROSITY &. This has been the  Values Theme for the past few weeks of term, and this is certainly what has been experienced.

A delightful Nativity presented by 2nd Class, with all the audience joining in the carols was a wonderful expression of the spirit of Christmas the celebration of the birth of one of the world’s greatest and enduring teachers.

But the main demonstration of generosity was the   enormous number of gifts that arrived at school for donation to the Smith Family.  The Treasure Chest was literally overflowing with beneficence.  It was with great joy that the gifts were delivered to the collection point in Mosman, and received with gratitude.   Thank you very much parents and children it was an amazing demonstration of generosity.

In this very spirit, we wish you all a wonderful Festive Season, and a relaxing family time.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress