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Stage Coordinator Comment

FRENCH CLUB – looking hopeful          
After-school French lessons.  At present we have had an indication of interest from a tutor who would be able to take a one-hour lesson on Fridays after school at John Colet:  the cost would be around $12 per child. At present we have four students and seek more – expressions of interest should be sent to Mrs. Donald as soon as possible at , indicating the level of the child Beginner or Intermediate.

What a shame the Walkathon had to be postponed, but hopefully it will stop raining one day! On the other hand, it’s the perfect weather for Book Worms, so full steam ahead for the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

This week we are encouraging children to act in a way that unifies, rather than separates one way is to include others in conversations and games, especially those with whom we do not usually play.  It’s the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Zoe Emanuel, our intrepid drama teacher started off the annual Shakespeare cycle this week, working with the Infants children, training them in theatre skills before they begin to rehearse their plays.

Thank you to those parents who were able to come to the Years 1 and 2 Morning Tea with the Headmaster.  It was well attended and very chatty .   It’s a day the teachers also enjoy because there are always leftovers of Mrs. Moor’s delicious food.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress