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Stage Coordinator Comment

A full week ahead, and a slightly dryer one we hope!  The children have coped really well with the weather and the wet playground, as they have with the various building works going on around the campus.  
Zoe Emanuel, our Consulting Drama Teacher, has started the 2017 Shakespeare season, preparing the Infants children with some Drama Games which have been going well.   Full steam ahead now for the big event at the end of Term 2, and Infants children will be given their parts to learn over the coming holidays.
Mrs. Donald and Mrs. McKendrick  went to a Primary Teachers Conference at the Shore Northbridge Campus to consider Well being in the Primary School and heard keynote speakers from the Association of Independent Schools and also shared ideas on Pastoral Care with other teachers attending.  We came away feeling that we are well served at John Colet in this respect.  
One of the most interesting comments was that in this day and age the children (and adults for that matter!) do not experience moments of stillness, just being.  They are forever entertained by and occupied with the media, and any spare moments filled with gaming devices and mobile phones.  Our John Colet children are lucky enough to have Stillness  as their first School Value and to practise this with their teachers before and after every lesson and every school activity:

KNOW THYSELF Practice:      Stillness

1.    Am I still?
2.    Am I peaceful?
3.    Am I aware of myself?
4.    Am I awake and aware of others?

It is worthwhile, every day, to take a few moments to be still and aware of ourselves, others and our surroundings!


Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress