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This week we will begin a series of information items on some of the aspects of the curriculum that make John Colet special.

Latin, once the lingua franca of Europe, has long been known for its training in mental acumen and language skills.  It brings with it the mental processes of a remarkable and energetic culture that of the Ancient Romans, known for their love of law, architecture and the liberal arts.

Latin is offered at John Colet School, both in the Infants and Primary. and is of great benefit  for all sorts of reasons it teaches grammar, sentence structure,  language skills, thinking skills, vocabulary, translation,  and etymology    Like Sanskrit, Latin is a highly structured language and trains students in the understanding  and analysis of language structures. The content of the course covers Roman lifestyle, aspects of Roman history and Greek and Roman mythology and legends.

For many years the School taught Latin formally to the senior grades.  In general the criterion then for entry into these classes was the successful completion of the School’s Spelling  programme.  Two years ago, as a pilot programme, the School experimented with opening up Latin study to the younger grades as well on a less formal basis to the Primary grades.   Mrs Donald holds before school classes for the Upper 1st and 2nd classes; and Mr Mane, and now Mrs. Caroline Brehaut, teaches  the primary grades.

The details of the classes in 2015 are as follows:

    • Upper 1st begins in Term 3 on Tuesdays from 8.10-8.45 in Colet 1.  This class is still to be selected, and the offer will be made through the class teachers. Fluency in reading and writing  is the criterion.   A  further opportunity to join is offered at the beginning of 2nd Class.  The maximum practical class size is 12.
    •  2nd class Wednesdays 8.10 8.45am Colet 1

    •  3rd and 4th classes beginners Tuesdays 1.05-1.35pm (lunch play time) Colet 2

    •  3rd and 4th class advanced Thursdays 8:00 – 8.30am Colet 1

    •  5th and 6th classes Tuesdays 12.30 – 12.55pm (Primary Lunch)

    • 5th and 6th classes Children who have completed the Spelling syllabus learn Latin three     times per week during school teaching hours.

 If you are interested in Latin for your child, please talk to your class teacher in the first instance.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress