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Stage Coordinator Comment

What a splendid way to end the Term and what a great success the Infants Shakespeare Festival was.  The culmination of an enormous amount of work.  Not only were the children bright and confidant, but they thoroughly enjoyed it!  And the teachers of course enjoyed it when it was successfully over.

This final week also saw the farewell of Mrs.  Alice Dawson, who leaves us to have a second child.  She has been at John Colet for  seven years, has done wonderful work with her classes and will be much missed.

Mrs. Tefay is doing well, and is now in Rehabilitation.  She sends her regards and thanks for the flowers and warm wishes she has received.  A most magnificent composite  Get Well Card from the Lower First children was delivered to her, and received with moist eyes!
Best wishes from us for a safe and relaxing holiday.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress