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Stage Coordinator Comment

Another term begins!  This term our practice is Courage and specifically the courage to be truthful and to own up.  Our approach to this is that when we ask children about an incident or situation, if they own up immediately (or even eventually) we praise them for their courage to do so, and then approach the situation and discuss how to make amends.  This praise of courage supports the children in facing their behaviour and then seeking to correct it.

Next week John Colet is hosting two visiting debating teams, which will enable 5th Class to sit in and gain an insight as to how this works!  The topics are:
There is no need for tests and exams  and  Drones should be banned.   They are always very interesting and well thought out!

This term we have the pleasure of hosting and mentoring four Practicum Students, three from Macquarie University and one from Swinburne.  This of course is very necessary for them to build their experience, and also enjoyable for the teachers and enriching for the children.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress