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Stage Coordinator Comment

This week we are practising another aspect of Courage the Courage to face difficulties with resilience a quality we all need to remember when faced with things we find testing!  One area to encourage the children, especially the young ones, is to try new foods even just a little taste, before going on with what is tried and enjoyed..

In the Infants lunch we are introducing a little change firstly we are serving fruit yoghurt which is sweetened and seems to appeal more to the younger palate   Greek-style yoghurt will still be available.  We are also offering the Infants salad each day.  This will be announced daily and served from the hatch for those who would like to try.  This is similar to the system for the Primary.  We have found in the past if these salads are put on the children’s tables, they are generally wasted, with only a few children eating them occasionally.

This now means that the Infants children have each day: 

  • milk or water
  • choice of cut fruit in season (compulsory),
  • wholemeal buttered bread,
  • a hot dish (occasionally salad and cheese rolls)
  • we will be encouraging them to try a small amount of the hot dish
  • cheese to put on bread or the hot food
  • sultanas
  • yoghurt
  • dessert a few times per term
  • Moor bakes a chocolate cake for the class that earns the most points by the end of each term by following Lunchtime Rules such as listening to the bell, eating in silence for 5 minutes when the silence bell goes, looking after each other, good posture, not wasting food, tidy tables and clean floors!

The Primary children have a similar menu but have spreads available (vegemite, cheese), which is not practicable for the younger ones.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress

Mary McKendrick
Primary Mistress