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Stage Coordinator Comment

We are still asking Is my attitude positive and the question that naturally arises to follow this is if my attitude is not positive, can I actually change it and turn it to the positive. It is much more useful to direct the energy that is wasted in anger or gloom towards fixing or accepting the situation; or indeed moving on to something else.
Congratulations to Kai C, who was the winner of the In-house Primary Chess Competition
The Nativity will be performed on Tuesday 28th at 8.50a.m and parents are welcome to stay for it – It may be standing room only for the 2nd Class show!! This is also the day when gifts are collected for the not-so-fortunate via the Smith Family. Some gifts have already been received: thank you. (See separate article) On Monday the Instrumental Ensemble will be playing for the School at Assembly.
It will be a big week of many year-end events, not the least will be several farewells to our magnificent 6th Class, and the week will culminate in the Picnic Day. Teachers will send reminders about sun and swim safety. Please remember that children must wear rash vests or T-shirts in the water. Hope to see many of you there.
Those classes who are moving will do so on Monday 4th December.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Senior Mistress