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From our Deputy Head

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We started this week with the annual Easter Assembly. The children spoke beautifully about the Easter Story and its significance; it was very uplifting to hear the many ways Easter is celebrated in different families. In a school that crosses many cultures it was excellent to engage in such an inclusive conversation.
This week has brought many delights. The best part of the job is to have children come and show me with pride the work that they are doing, from 6th class presentations about different cities and regions of France to Lower 1st Science experiments on what plants need to survive. The single thread that runs through all this is their love and enthusiasm for learning.
All classes have also had the opportunity to visit the Life Education Van this week and participate in an excellent program on different aspects of caring for their physical well-being.
I would like to extend best wishes to all for a safe and happy Easter break.

Diane Renshaw
Deputy Headmistress